Why is My Background Image Different Color in Different Browsers?

Mac Firefox in foreground, Chrome in background

Mac Firefox in foreground, Chrome in background

Just noticed that with two browsers open on the same computer, the color of my background is very different. I’ve been complaining about Firefox recently, but the color is closer to what I had expected.

Will need to investigate this further. Could be a color profile in the bg image. Just thought it was interesting.

Writing for a Search Engine Hurts Humans Who Read


I like Spin Magazine. Spin gave me really great opportunities that not many people will ever have. But Spin doesn’t exist as such anymore. Buzzmedia bought Spin this past July. Anyway, I still follow Spin on Twitter and on Facebook which is how I end up reading their articles.

I’ve noticed more and more that the majority of their content has started to rely on reblogging and pageview-generating stories. Maybe it’s the new ownership, maybe it’s always been like that, maybe it’s the editors/authors. Whatever it is, today’s article about a lawsuit that singer Pink is facing was such a SEO keyword-heavy article that it was annoying to read.

First of all, this was a reblog from TMZ. There’s not much to say. Pink is facing a lawsuit for $36,000 from producers she worked with. Her reps are disputing the charge and say that Sony should be the ones paying. That’s the whole story, but two sentences an article does not make.

So how does the Spin story try to get some SEO?

  • Mention the album Can’t Take Me Home 3 times
  • Mention 6 songs specifically (Can’t Take Me Home, Truth About Love, Hiccup, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), There You Go, Most Girls)
  • Use both ‘Pink’ and Alecia Moore. Hey guys, you forgot to use P!nk
  • Throw in an anecdote about RZA, mention Wu-Tang, and The Man With Iron Fists

Here’s the article with the terms highlighted.


Is this a new trick? No, blogs do this every day. In fact, I just used every keyword that the Spin article used. I wonder how high I’ll place in Google. But look at the original article. TMZ’s article was the same story and wasn’t an assault on the eyes when reading. And wait a minute… Look at the recommended article that TMZ has: RZA! Wow, that Spin author did some stellar work.


What’s my point? I guess it would be that if you’re borrowing someone else’s story, try to contribute something additional and possibly to it. Don’t just copy the story and add keywords. Had to get that off my chest.

Hot Pockets Convinced Me to Click a Facebook Ad and Failed Conversion

Hot Pockets made me click on a Facebook ad. Pocket Like It’s Hot with Snoop? Sure I’ll check it out. But I ended up on the page and they stuck the video behind a Like Wall. I had to like them to watch the video? Ok. But there’s no link anywhere on that page for me to Like anything. Sorry Hot Pockets. Fire your agency.


Someone must have finally realized there was a problem. The ad now goes to the Hot Pockets Facebook page


Consistent Quality vs. Huge Marketing Budget for Hyperlocal Sites

I’ve been involved with hyperlocal news for four years as the co-founder of Bowery Boogie and have seen countless sites come and go. Recently I stirred up some shit when I was interviewed by The Villager about the ending of the collaboration between NYU and The New York Times known as The Local East Village. I gave greater detail in my responses, but the sound bytes that wound up in the article came off as direct attacks on The Local East Village. While I don’t agree with some things they’ve done, all in all I personally have no problem with the people involved. I just get tired of seeing big sites fail in this market and people asking where it went wrong. Continue reading

From the Archive: Blogger vs. WordPress

Disclaimer: I used to use Blogger. Not only did I use Blogger, but I actually created themes for it. When Bowery Boogie began back in 2008, my buddy Elie created a Blogger account. It, like many other sites, was black text on a white background. One day, the New York Times’ City Room blog linked to Bowery Boogie and I told Elie that in order to be taken seriously, we needed an actual layout and design. That was the beginning of my customization projects. Continue reading

Re-Coding Your Site Step 1: Choose a CMS

When I originally coded this site it was done in HTML. The purpose for the site was to be a portfolio of work. I had been applying for jobs, and everyone wanted to see samples of my work. Trying to remember my college course on HTML, I was able to use Dreamweaver to hard code a quick site.

The world has changed since then. This Facebook Generation (myself included) expects real-time updates and changing links by hand on static HTML sites is not a feasible way to make that happen. So what are the options?

Continue reading