With a New Desk Comes Great Responsibility

I impulsively bought a new desk at Ikea this weekend. Sitting at it makes me feel like a new man. My previous desk didn’t efficiently use its surface area and wasn’t adjustable. This new desk has way more tabletop space and is at a height that makes it easier to work.

Writing a post about this is also my excuse to test out posting from my iPhone.


Someday someone will try to convince me that having a rack of hard drives in my living room isn’t classy. Until then, the RAID setup will live alongside my desk.


Music: The Drug

Recently I had two moments where listening to music made me look stupider than if I had been drunk or on drugs.

1. I got into an empty elevator at work and stood there with the doors closed for probably 30 seconds without realizing it wasn’t moving. I had forgotten to press the button.

2. I was getting ready to go into the subway station and walked into the turnstile which didn’t budge. I had forgotten which direction I was going and that I needed to swipe my Metrocard to get in.

My only regret: not writing down what I was listening to at the time.