Finally got my Pebble

Pebble in box It’s been so long since I backed this project on Kickstarter that I thought I’d never have this in my hands. The Pebble has finally shipped.

Initial thoughts: It was really easy to set up. Pairing with the phone is very straightforward.

This is definitely a work in progress. I still haven’t gotten email notifications, but the iTunes control works well. *Update* After toggling some notification settings on the phone, the email and caller ID work now. Very nice.

Hopefully someone starts releasing apps for the watch because for such a cool gadget, it just tells time (for now.) The iPhone has spoiled me and I’ve come to expect a single device to do a billion different things.

I’m sure this is not the last I’ll be writing about this watch. I can’t wait to see what uses I can find for it.

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