Nicki Minaj is in Pasties But All I Noticed Was the Beats by Dre


Spin busted out some great linkbait this morning:

Nicki Minaj is wearing pasties? Not sure who French Montana is, but of course I had to watch the video. For research, of course.

Here’s where it got weird. Gizmodo had a great story last month about the history of Beats by Dre. It’s a must-read.

Marketing, Iovine told Kevin Lee, would take too long. Education would take too long. Instead, the strategy was to enchant the public: Beats would be “the hottest product to have, and sound will be a Trojan horse. And that’s what we did. Beats was in every single music video,” says Kevin. Iovine made sure Beats had prominent placement across Interscope’s sterling roster, infiltrating the money and product lust-addled brains of video-watching America.

And amazingly, as I watched, I found a perfect example of this placement. There is a shot that lasts for about 1 second at about 2:11 into the video. The video is set in a club. You know those places. At least according to the rest of the video it’s the places with fire-breathing dancers and people dry humping¬†each other. So why would they need some $200 Beats portable speaker system? (It’s called the Pill and somehow they trademarked the word “pill”?)


I’m not an avid consumer of music videos, so I wonder how many more have Beats cameos as weird as this one. It’s one thing for DJ’s to wear the headphones as they spin, but a small portable speaker system in a huge club?