Sanity Check: Billboard’s Top 10 Rock Songs Are Basically the Same


I’ve lost my mind. To make sure I don’t listen to the same music all the time, I subscribe to the Billboard Rock Songs playlist on Spotify. Sometimes I put on music and play along with it on the guitar or whatever instrument is closest. Today’s little impromptu jam session freaked me out. The first three songs on the list were basically the same. Same key, same progression. As I played those 4 chords for 11 minutes in a row, I was amused. Amusement turned into something weirder as the same thing happened two more times before I got to the tenth track.

Obviously there’s only a few chords and progressions, but it’s so weird to see such similar songs listed so close to each other on a Billboard chart. This must make it really to be a sweet 16 DJ right now.

Even though the progression for Muse’s ‘Madness’ isn’t ground-breaking, it was a nice way to clear out the numbing repetition of the majority of the current top ten tracks.

Old and cranky, a bitter failed musician, enlightened? Probably all of the above.