Elliott Smith Wall Gets Some Love

The first Elliott Smith song I heard was Pretty (Ugly Before). I had been recording a bunch of demos and my buddy Elie sent me an MP3 of Pretty and told me that my style reminds him of Elliott Smith. I connected with that song immediately, but for years it remained the sole Smith track in my library. One night I was at a party and the host was basically a missionary for the cause of promoting Elliott Smith’s music. I walked home that night with a DVD of basically his entire catalog and it stayed relatively unexplored for another large chunk of time. One day everything just clicked and I became infatuated.

Being such a huge fan of the music and yet a casual fan of the actual artist sounds strange, but it’s true. I know very little about who Elliott Smith was outside of the info on his Wikipedia page and some clips on YouTube. And that is what brought me to this link on Laist. It never occurred to me that the artwork from the album cover of Figure 8 was actually street art. I’m not sure how I feel about memorials for people in general, but this seems like a cool project that is coming from the collected hearts of many fans and the latest restoration has some cool elements mixed into it. Check it out.

Photos: Elliott Smith Wall Gets Badly-Needed TLC Just In Time For 9th Anniversary Of His Death

The iconic “Figure 8” mural in Silver Lake was getting some much-needed TLC today—just in time for the 9th anniversary of Elliott Smith’s death tomorrow

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