Follow Me Around. Thom Yorke live @ Latitude 2009

Sometimes I almost forget that this is one of the best songs ever written. At least in my book. The fact that Radiohead has never released an official version of Follow Me Around makes it feel like some sort of insider “I’m cooler than you because I know an obscure Radiohead song” snobbish thing. I actually had very limited knowledge of Radiohead’s catalog until recently. Basically until Spotify came along and I could browse by album instead of random tracks that I acquired. Before then, I had their hits and also some very hard to find bootlegs that a college buddy had given me for fixing his computer. And by that I mean that when I fixed friend’s computers back in the Napster days, their music collections were added to my library.

Anyway, I had tons of random Radiohead music in my iTunes library and didn’t know which were album and non-album tracks. I gravitated to Follow Me Around which had been ripped from Meeting People is Easy. There was a haunting melodic quality to it that drew me in. When I finally saw this video of Thom Yorke playing it live, it made my day.

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